The varied backgrounds, skills, and perspectives of our global workforce are a cornerstone of Genzyme's success. Driven by the diverse needs of our patients and other stakeholders, we focus on sustaining an inclusive workforce as well as a diverse product portfolio.
A Strategic Approach

For Genzyme, diversity means far more than being an equal opportunity employer. Of course, establishing policies and creating an environment that welcome all types of people into the company is a high priority. But we are also, more broadly, defined by diversity: we serve patients in more than 100 countries worldwide with a wide range of medical needs. Thus it's critical to our business objectives that our employees can understand and address the varying health care and cultural needs of our many patient populations.

Genzyme believes that attracting and developing employees – and working with external partners – that represent the diversity of our patients, strengthens our organization and our competitive position. By tapping into the unique talents of a varied pool of individuals, we can foster the kind of collaboration and innovation that yield truly exceptional work.

Making Our Vision a Reality

How does Genzyme achieve our vision of a diverse business and culture? By integrating inclusive values and policies into all aspects of our daily operations. This approach is not limited to employment practices: we have a supplier diversity program to promote business relationships with quality-driven minority-owned vendors, and we actively seek out other kinds of business partners who align with Genzyme's mission. We also encourage employees to experience and participate in the diversity of their surrounding communities through a variety of volunteering and community relations programs.

Recruitment and Hiring Practices

Our inclusive recruiting strategy aims to source, attract, and promote high-performing talent from a broad range of people who share our values. Our ultimate goal is to identify the best individuals for every role, deliberately pursuing candidates who offer qualities that complement and expand on our existing strengths. To this end, recruiting tactics include:

  • Posting job openings in print and online resources targeted at specific groups
  • Encouraging and pursuing employee referrals
  • Sponsoring or attending career fairs, networking events, and other opportunities to meet with qualified candidates

Workplace Initiatives

Our efforts do not end with recruiting and hiring. Genzyme is committed to fostering respectful, inclusive attitudes and promoting employee development at all our offices and facilities. Leaders at all levels of the company encourage a richness of ideas and approaches, soliciting different points of view so that all staff can contribute to business outcomes.

The values of diversity and inclusion are also a core element of our leadership and organizational development practices. We offer educational programs and resources on a range of topics, such as:

  • Sustaining a culture of inclusion: driving business results
  • Leadership development through professional associations
  • Maximizing business results within a multi-generational workplace
  • Cross-cultural awareness and communication strategies
  • Insights: Collaborating across different work styles to increase performance and productivity

Diverse Individuals, Shared Values

Our employees each contribute individual strengths, but together they are united behind a common set of values, beliefs, and goals that drive Genzyme's mission as a company.

Learn more about our corporate culture and values

Collaborative Partnerships

To help identify new talent as well as develop and engage our existing employees, Genzyme works with several professional associations and educational institutions. Here are a few of our partners in promoting workplace diversity and inclusion:

Partner Description
The Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA) is a professional association that promotes leadership development of women in health care worldwide.
The Partnership Inc. is a consulting group that provides training and development programs focused multicultural leadership.
Lesley University's Threshold Program is a campus-based college program for motivated young adults with learning disabilities and special needs.
The Biomedical Science Careers Program (BSCP) is a non-profit organization that provides resources and guidance to minority students pursuing careers in the biomedical sciences.
Part of UMass Boston's Emerging Leaders Program, the Center for Collaborative Leadership is an organization to identify new Boston area leaders committed to diversity, collaboration, and civic duty.
The Boston Center for Community and Justice (BCCJ) is a non-profit organization offering training and development to help advance diverse, socially responsible leadership.
The National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) is a professional association dedicated providing leadership development, networking, and mentoring to African-American engineering students and professionals
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