Patient Access to Treatment

Genzyme believes that developing life-saving therapies carries with it the responsibility to increase access to these treatments for patients, regardless of their location, financial situation, or other circumstances.
Our Top Priority

All the work that goes into creating an effective therapeutic product means nothing if that treatment can't reach the patients who need it. But whether for financial, geographic, or logistical reasons, access to treatment remains an ongoing challenge for many patients around the world. That's why at Genzyme, our commitment to patients – and our efforts to ensure their access to our therapies – extends far beyond the lab and manufacturing plant.

Committed to All Kinds of Patients

Genzyme was one of the first companies to develop therapies for ultra-rare diseases with fewer than 10,000 patients worldwide, demonstrating our commitment to creating treatment options for even the smallest patient groups.

Genzyme works with local governments around the world to secure timely approval of our products. While approvals are pending, we've helped patients with urgent medical needs obtain access to our therapies through compassionate use or expanded access programs. We work with national health services and private insurers to establish coverage for our products. And where coverage is not available, we work to facilitate free treatment access, help patients find alternative funding, and help countries establish sustainable health care systems. We also provide a range of educational and support services to raise disease awareness and advocate on behalf of patients' needs.

Feature Story

Responding to Chile's 2010 Earthquake

In the wake of the 2010 Chilean earthquake, quick action by Genzyme's employees resulted in a resumption of treatment for local patients and a donation plan to build up important local health care capabilities.

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Free Drug Programs Recognized as one of the industry's most generous in-kind givers, Genzyme works with humanitarian organizations, local governments, and others to provide free treatment to hundreds of patients in need each year. More
Supporting Healthcare Globally Providing free medicines is only one aspect of improving access to treatment. Genzyme also participates in many activities to support sustainable health care systems and improve standards of care worldwide. More
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Support Services
Reaching Out to Patients

Learn about the programs and services Genzyme provides to help patients obtain access to our treatments.

Newborn Screening for Rare Diseases

Early diagnosis saves and improves lives of individuals with progressive diseases. Genzyme manufactures and donates reagents for Pompe disease & MPS I newborn screening to the CDC, which in turn distributes them worldwide without charge.