Running on behalf of my patient partner Rebecca, and making that personal connection with her, has been truly life-changing.
We have found not only a good company that produces wonderful medicine for our kids, but we have found wonderful people as well.
Everybody has a role to play,
and in that role, you are helping someone to live.
We change the whole destiny
for generations of a family.
  • Research Science at Genzyme

    Inspired by the potential to improve patients' lives, Genzyme's scientists work at the forefront of health care research and technology.

    For every product Genzyme launches, every treatment we pursue, the starting point is a significant medical need. We orient our research around therapeutic areas where breakthrough therapies can significantly improve patients' lives.

    Learn more about our research areas.

  • Responsibility A Decade of Green Innovation

    Ten years ago, we celebrated the grand opening of our state-of-the-art, LEED Platinum headquarters, Genzyme Center, which has become an icon of green building.

    Our environmental innovation extends far beyond this single structure. We've established ourselves as a global industry leader in sustainable design and construction. Learn more.